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Starting a new job can be a stressful experience and new employees need help to settle in. The University’s induction programme will provide new employees with all of the necessary information, including local welcome events and activities.

The induction you will receive in your local department/institution will enable you to:

  • Meet your key colleagues;
  • Find your way around your workplace;
  • Understand your terms and conditions of employment;
  • Understand your role, key responsibilities and how you fit into your department/institution;
  • Know what is expected of you and the way in which your work will be monitored;
  • Know how you will be managed and supported to carry out your duties;
  • Access University and local policies and procedures; and
  • Identify any training and development needs that have to be met to enable you to undertake your role effectively.

At the beginning of your induction, you will be provided with an Employee Induction Checklist (HR24). You can work through this with your line manager (or the person responsible for your induction) and use it as a prompt for ensuring that key aspects of your induction are covered. The Employee Induction Checklist should be completed within your first month and then provided to your department/institution administrator or other appropriate support staff for retention on your local personal file. The checklist also explains how and when you can take part in the University's two-stage induction. These stages are as follows:


Induction Online

The Induction Online programme is a quick and easy web resource to help you to understand how the University operates and what it's like to work here. It also provides you with essential information on the benefits, entitlements, support services and opportunities available to you as a member of University staff. To access this resource you will need a Raven password.

We also provide a range of essential information through online learning packages. These cover various topics, including induction, equal opportunities and health and safety. Details can be found here.


Welcome to Cambridge

The Welcome to Cambridge event, hosted by Personal and Professional Development (PPD) includes a welcome from a senior member of the University and the opportunity to network with other new colleagues, whilst learning some key facts about the University. Refreshments will be available during the event, with updates on the wide range of opportunities and sources of support offered by the University. Welcome to Cambridge is held once each term.


Pathways to Higher Education Practice (PHEP) for University Lecturers and Senior Lecturers

PHEP provides personal, flexible orientation and professional development for newly appointed probationary Lecturers and complements University/Faculty/Departmental/College induction and development. It forms a mandatory part of your probation. PHEP builds on two initial mandatory components: a one-to-one meeting and a seminar to address the three main focal points of academic probation: teaching, research and administration. PHEP promotes continuous professional development and reflective practice as well as a range of further opportunities for your professional development. For further information please click here.


“Getting Connected” Induction event for postdoctoral staff

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs runs the mandatory “Getting Connected” induction programme for postdoctoral staff.  This event provides essential information about University life, in addition to helping new postdoctoral staff understand how the University operates and what services and opportunities are available. For further information about this event please click here.